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Wendy And Cheeva's Vintage Wedding At Graydon Hall Speaks Excellency

Wendy and Cheeva’s wedding opened our eyes as wedding photographers on the early days of this year. The start of their beautiful lives together took place at Graydon Hall Manor located in the vibrant city of Toronto. Despite the still chilly weather, the couple joint hands on this glorious day. They have brought us not only marvellous vintage style of great looks but also impressive personalities all at once.

The fun day began with at the beautiful bride Wendy's home. She was surrounded by her bridesmaids and both proud mothers of the couple. Louisa, the skilled makeup artist gathered the ladies around and readied them for the special occasion. Capso Studio captured the day with both our talented photographers and videographers, we all agree that this was one of the best Toronto weddings we’ve participated.

The bride looked stunning in a glorious and romantic Chinese look with gorgeous accessories, ready for the traditional tea ceremony to come. The bridesmaids then prepared for the fun and challenging door games, as did the handsome groomsmen with the gathering props. Jennifer, the wedding planner arrived with the bride's stunning bouquet. Wendy can look back on this romantic day lovingly through the images the wedding photographers and videographers provided.

Wendy and Cheeva lovingly honoured their parents with a traditional tea ceremony. Not only celebrating the union of two people in love for life, but to honour their parents who made their eternal love possible. This special and enduring tradition shows love not just for the couple, but their families as well. As wedding photography studio, we love to shoot when the tradition meets the modern like this. All family members felt involved and were able to deliver their care and love through the symbolic tea.

The second look was the highlight of the day. While Cheeva nervously waited in the lovely chapel of Graydon Hall, Wendy has changed into her second wedding look-the Great Gatsby 30’s Look. Before taking the good look at his beautiful bride, Cheeva shared a special and private moment of exchanging cards with Wendy, both of them were immersed with blissful tears. It was via their readings did we know that they’ve been through couple years of joy and challenge, and they’ve grown together despite the five-year age gap. Knowing each other is the perfect match, they decided to not wait further and get married on this beautiful early Spring. When Cheeva turned around and saw Wendy in her exceptional outfit, we could tell that he was absolutely stunned so we quickly captured the moment with our cameras.

Wendy and Cheeva's wedding ceremony was elegant and romantic. The sand ceremony signified not only the joining of two people on this day, but the unification of two families into one. Wendy and Cheeva showed to their gathered friends and family their promise of love by pouring their sand together mixing and entwining their lives forever. The decoration was hundred percent on point as it was almost like a painting coming to real life. In the same chapel, they have announced their eternal love to each others.

The happy couple hosted a fun and vibrant cocktail party for their bridal entourage and guests. Everyone showed their love and happiness to Wendy and Cheeva by giving the couple red pockets of good fortune and luck. A fun experience was had by everyone involved with no moment missed by the Toronto wedding photographer's lens. The guests sent good wishes to bless the couple and ward off evil spirits with the brilliant red envelopes.

The time to relax and have fun with their family and friends had arrived. Wendy changed into an evening dress as canapes and drinks were served for the bridal party. Guests arrived at the reception and were treated to a delicious meal with flavourful drinks to accompany it. Dancing and laughter filled the night as precious memories were made. One of the highlights of the night was the almost-rapping groom’s speech; Cheeva had written a contemporary poem that rhythms and read it out loud to make everyone excited. We know our cinematographer had a great source of footage only based on this! The night carried on perfectly as guests witnessing few touching speeches and fun games. It’s fair to say, out of the many Toronto weddings Capso Studio has documented, this wedding was one of a kind. The couple has great taste when selecting their vintage scenes and decoration, and their bubbly personalities were the reason why they were blessed with loving friends and families. This is truly the time when we feel lucky to be wedding photographers and videographers- simply wonderful jobs!


Photo & Video: Capso Studio

Wedding Planner & Floral: Fleur Weddings & Events

Makeup & Hair: Louisa Liao

Cake: Yue's Boutique


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