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Tia & Yao Graydon Hall Manor Wedding Ceremony

A small touch of the hand. A hidden smile. A warm embrace. These are all truly special moments, and they only show themselves where true love lives. And these moments were captured in this stunning wedding photography session. There is such true beauty in life that when we are present face to face with it, we find ourselves at a standstill of emotions. When these moments present themselves, they define our existence and change our paths forever. All these emotions were more than palpable at this beautiful Toronto engagement ceremony.

The day began at Graydon Hall Manor, a stunning and natural venue for wedding photography. And our main protagonists are Tia and Yao. These two emanated with joy from head to toe, while they had their engagement ceremony. Their wedding will be next year, but they wanted to make it official and share this day with those they love most before their big Toronto Wedding ceremony. They initially did not wish to have a grand reception. They just wanted a simple ceremony at city hall. However, their wedding planners at Fleur Weddings decided they deserved something much more for their Toronto engagement.

Tia wore a beautiful dress that seemed to have been created especially for her silhouette that was signed by Camellia Wedding gowns. Her decollage was heart-shaped, and the embroidery on the dress was purely divine. Her bouquet, created by Fleur Weddings as well, complimented her gown with just a tint of color. Her hair was hung up, and her makeup was as natural as all women should be, courtesy of the very talented Louisa. But it was her serene smile that was filled with love that completed her look to perfection, making it an excellent wedding photography session.

Yao wore a classical suit with a crisp white shirt. He wore a black tie and had a blue handkerchief on his chest pocked with a white flowers next to it that was in perfect sink with Tia. Yao shared the same distinguishing look of ease that was on Tia’s face as well. The one thing that was most captured in their wedding photography was the love they share for one another. The moment when they had their first look at the fairy tale staircase is what dream wedding photography is made of.

As the reception started, Tia and Yao began their descent down the aisle. They emerged from the venue onto a large green carpet of grass that went on and on. Their family, friends, and close one all waited as they arrived with emotions in their hearts and tears in their eyes. The Toronto engagement ceremony began, and with the exchange of their wedding bands, their love was forever bonded as one. Everything was captured in their Toronto engagement ceremony.

Being apart of Tia and Yao’s Toronto engagement ceremony was a unique experience that I was more than happy to share with them. There was so much beauty and pure joy on this beautiful day that I can not wait to see how their Toronto wedding ceremony will be. And I am more than sure that it will be epic. Being able to immortalize moments is everything that wedding photography is all about. After the ceremony, Tia and Yao had an engagement photo shot at Edward Garden, where they were surrounded by an autumn color scheme that was perfect for their Toronto engagement.

Photo: Capso Studio

Wedding Planner: Fleur Weddings

Makeup & Hair: Louisa

Wedding Dress: Camellia Wedding Gown


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