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Crystal & Chen's Liuna Gardens Tent Wedding

In the early autumn of this year, we were fortunate enough to do the wedding photography and the wedding videography of Crystal and Chen’s special day. The only thing more memorable than their magical tent wedding that day was to feel their sweet love for each other all around us.

We had a blast at the big house in Burlington the couple rented through Airbnb and turned into their wedding headquarters. We were so touched to be a part of Crystal and Chen’s prep station, as they shared laughs and soulful moments with their families and friends, while getting ready for their big “I do’s”.

Crystal and Chen honored their families and ancestors through a traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony. Which is a lovely ritual that represents the importance of when members of both families become relatives to one another.

For us, the most emotional moment of Crystal and Chen’s wedding day was when we shot their first-look wedding pictures. Right before the groom could take the first look at his soon-to-be wife, Chen and Crystal read a letter to each other while standing back to back. Crystal couldn’t hold her tears and wept. Even though some people are against this kind of wedding photography, because they feel the first look should happen at the aisle, when you witness the intimacy of this moment, it’s easy to understand why some couples choose to do it. It was such a precious and private time, when the only thing that existed to the bride and the groom was each other. After this intimate moment, Crystal and Chen were greeted by their bridesmaids and groomsmen with two awesome customized jackets. The jackets had the words Groom and Bride and the date of the wedding, Sept 10th 2019, written on them. Then, we went for a playful outdoor shooting with colored smoke.

Crystal and Chen’s wedding was held at the beautiful LIUNA Gardens in Stoney Creek, on the shores of Lake Ontario. The waterfront venue and the incredible views set the mood for this amazing couple vow their love to one another. The bride and the groom did keep a little mystery for the wedding ceremony as they wore different outfits from before. Chen chose a darker suit, while Crystal wore a fabulous 3/4 sleeved lace white dress. Over her head, the bride had an exquisite tiara and a flowy veil, complementing her elegant look. Crystal’s makeup and hair, done by the very talented June Makeup, were a true masterpiece, enhancing the bride’s graceful and delicate beauty.

For the reception, guests were welcomed in a wonderfully decorated tent at the garden. The soft lighting, the candles, the flower arrangements by Alethea Flowers, the copper silverware, the clear dining chairs contrasting with the wooden tables, among other breathtaking details, created the perfect magical atmosphere for this special wedding. We were absolutely blown away by the jaw-dropping decor orchestrated by the flawless work of the Lovever Weddings & Events team. This was without a doubt one of the most magnificent tent wedding we have ever attended.

After dinner and throwing the bouquet, Crystal once again changed her clothes. And we fell once again in love with her bridal beauty. She changed her lovely wedding gown into a stunning darker strapless dress with a copper detailing overlay that would glow with the light. We couldn’t believe our eyes, it was absolutely gorgeous!

The bride looked even more glamorous in this dress when guests surrounded her and Chen with long sparklers. It was a grand exit to an amazing wedding that we were honored to be a part of.

Thank you, Chen and Crystal, for inspiring us with a love so kind!

Photo & Video: Capso Studio

Wedding Planner: Lovever Weddings & Events

Makeup & Hair: June Makeup

Wedding Dress: Tulle & Posy

Cake: Yue


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