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The Most Thrilling Engagement Photoshoot, Jeri & Khai

Location: Muskoka, High Halls Park, Ontario, Canada

Temperature: -10°

There are always many surprises when shooting a wedding or engagement photo. However this engagement photo shoot could be an adventure action movie, and everyone is holding their breath when they are listening to this story. If there is a title, this is probably called "20 hours for the ring run away.”

In November in Toronto, as a photographer, I planned with the couple to take a forest style engagement photos in their city where used to live. It was a beautiful day, the first snowfall of 2019 came on that day. Upon reaching Muskoca, we found our first ideal shooting spot where on a big stone by the river. I asked them to sit on the big stone and got ready for shoot. The accident happened, just as Khai was helping Jeri to sit down. The bride’s diamond engagement ring slipped from her finger in to the fast flowing river. We were all shocked at that moment.

We had tried to reach into the water to find the whereabouts of the ring, but the rapids and near-zero visibility made searching extremely difficult. After the Khai make a few phone calls, he went to a nearby Canadian Tire to buy a metal detector. Jeri and Khai bought the tools and returned to prepare to continue searching for the ring. At that moment I suddenly felt that this was a very memorable moment, so I picked up the camera and recorded the following special “engagement Photos”!

While filming this process, and watching them look anxious but working together for the ring, I think that love is really a magical thing, and what two people experience together will become part of each other.

As time passed by, the sky slowly darkened, and the groom searched for a long time but still could not find the ring. The temperature was getting colder and colder, and we had no choice but to give up the search, and I hadn’t caught the moment when they found the ring.

In fact, they did’t give up. On the next day, they brought a professional guy who has more professional equipment. Finally, they found the ring in the river! When I received the Jeri's message that the ring was found, I immediately cheered excitedly!

Soon after, we went to the same place again and finished taking the engagement photos. Because of this, that why we have those pictures with the ring in it.

When I came to this place again, I had a different experience with this new couple. Think about it, memories are made up of such stories.


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