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Welcome to Capso Studio! We are the most popular and comprehensive wedding photography and videography studio in the region. We are here to assist your wedding needs and make you look fabulous for your big day! If you are looking for top quality wedding photographers and videographers, look no further because we got your back!  Our reasonable pricing, customized services, and top-notch results have made us unmatched for any given wedding task.

We offer unmatched photography services in the region, combined with exceptional customer care, exceptional quality and an impeccable attention to detail. So if you are looking for quality wedding photography and videography Toronto specialists, Capso Studio has got you covered.

wedding photo & video



Pre-wedding photography gives you great amount of time to make timeless artsy photos in wedding gown! Depending on the amount of outfits and scenes a couple decides on, you can get as many as three to four looks in one day. That means a lot of ass-kicking photos for you to share and keep! 

While you also get a fair amount of good shots on your wedding day, the pre-wedding shoot almost doubles the results due to the targeted purpose, more relaxing status, and more liberal selections. More importantly, pre-wedding shoot gives you explicit set-up in lighting and post-processing. With more time at disposal, the photographer tends to spend more effort on complicated lighting arrangement, and is generally more creative when it comes to post. 



We love the inspiring views and the sparkling eloping vibe, just as much as you do! We are always on the road;  our footsteps have been all over the globe from the beautiful North Canada to the romantic capitals in Europe. If you are planning to take your wedding outside of the familiar city, Capso Studio is your best travel buddy! Our years of experience offers priceless assistance to your planning, your trip will become lifelong memory through our vision.

Besides the on-set improvisation, we do our homework long before the trip starts. In order to make your travel to the fullest, we help picking out the most camera-worthy locations. Capso Studio is always your number one bet when it comes to destination wedding photographer or videographer solutions.

destination wedding



Engagement photo service is for those who want to preserve great memories before becoming wedded couples.  As professional engagement photographers, we know how to capture your sweet spots as couples. Do a photography session at the location you first met, or at the most romantic areas in the city. Just come down to Capso Studio and we will do it for a price that both you and your budget can really feel good about. Your engagement photos can be the best  wedding invitation or slide-show. Make sure you find a professional, courteous photographer who has an exceptional eye for detail, and Capso Studio is one of the best.




Do you have a great story to tell? Well, we’re here to help you make the movie of your life. You may or may not have thought of becoming the lead cast in short film, but you can now! We love to listen to your tale of relationship and make a movie about it. A love story short film typically ranges from 3 to 6 minutes, and the way Capso Studio tell story will get everyone impressed. Pick a unique angle you want to be approached to, we’ll do the rest for you!

Love story short film


Our drone expertise provides spectacular highlight to be added to your wedding video. We have drone add-on option for those who want to take their wedding videos to the next level. Like in the movies, the over-head grand scenes are now available to you too. Ask us about it and be surprised at the result!





We know for a fact, right after waking up from your big day, you want to share the day with those who have and have not been to the wedding. Our sneak peek service caters to this need and gives you the best couple shots while they’re still hot. With the incredibly fast pacing in this society, we will make sure you get something to look at within a week of time.



Do you have a big party at your wedding you want to impress? The same-day edit might be the answer to that! Throughout the intense schedule of the day, we’re able to pull out something effectively to wow your guests. Same-day edit service becomes more and more demanded as more guests realize the benefit of such live act. Not everyone from the reception necessarily know what you’ve been through before showing up in ceremony. We’ll make sure to tell your story right in short amount of urgent editing. Imagine when everyone sees their face when watching this video, this is instantly the coolest wedding without speaking.



Our photo albums are the best in the market. You’ll get the least price for the most great-looking album to keep and share with everyone. We have a vast selection for colors, materials and arrangement. No matter if you want a luxury collection or a simple cute book, our supply line is versatile, simply ask Capso Studio for the best price for wedding album. 



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