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Engagement Photographer

Engagement Photographer Services Priced To Be Budget Friendly

At Capso Studio, we understand the importance of fair pricing. That is why we have some of the most fair and competitive rates in the industry. We make sure our prices are always reasonable, because we actually appreciate our clients and this is just one of the ways we like to say thank you.


You shouldn't have to fret over budgets and pricing during the planning of your wedding for something that should be simple, like a professional engagement photographer. Just come down to Capso Studio and we will do it for a price that both you and your budget can really feel good about. There isn’t another engagement photographer service in Toronto or anywhere else that can give you the kind of quality service you get at Capso Studio.


An engagement photographer should be professional, courteous, have an exceptional eye for detail, and an ability to produce precision results tailored directly to the client’s wishes; and that is exactly what you get from Capso Studio.


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